19/05/2013 i BRISBANE what I like

Nico: Limited Ed. Tees!

Strutten is very proud to announce the launch of NICO limited edition range of unisex Classic Cut Tees! They maintain the focus on sustainable fashion pieces, by using end-of-roll fabric and ensuring that nothing goes to waste. NICO Underwear is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia and the tees were made right here in Brisbane under […]

29/07/2011 i ART what i like nodo_joannethies-2

I Love Saturdays blog

Anyone who edits their art in bed on a Sunday afternoon with a cold beer in hand is someone I salute. Jo Thies, I salute you. Jo is a rad Brisbane girl who doodles, makes her own typography and takes breathtaking photos that she puts up on her blog I Love Saturdays. Her photos make […]

25/07/2011 Alice_Nightingale_Splendour

Splendour Collection :: Alice Nightingale

  I was so privileged to get in and film while Alice was shooting for her Splendour in The Grass 2011 collection. The range as Claire kindly shared, features a combination of bright fun sailor dresses and some very clever coordinating rain-capes and poncho’s. The standout for sure is the Blackboard cape, a customizable DIY […]

24/07/2011 i FASHION what i like Alice_Nightingale_Blackboard_Cape02

Brisbane fashion label Alice Nightingale

A while back I met Alice Veivers in Winn Lane to discuss her quirky fashion label ‘Alice Nightingale’. Alice is one of those people you want to grab by the shoulders and shake them whilst screaming “HOW DO YOU DO IT!? TELL ME YOUR SECRET” Because at 20 years of age, Alice has a diploma, […]

20/07/2011 i FASHION what i like geek-couture-4

Geek Vogue by Blackmilk

So a little while back… the lovely noelle-a featured some sweet little numbers the guys over at BlackMilk have been putting out lately… http://strutten.com/i-shop-what-i-like/sexy-black-milk/ yep prrrrettty amazing… well then geeks get ready to grab your inhalers because just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than R2 and Vader,this new series of dresses and […]

19/07/2011 i ART what i like o1

paper artist :: Bianca Chang

I recently became obsessed with paper art. After reading Natty-O’s blog post on Sipho Mabona’s origami art, I spent the majority of my weekend sitting at home folding tiny pieces of triangles (BECAUSE I AM COOL LIKE THAT, WHAT OV IT). And after spending the weekend in solidarity and getting RSI, I have learnt that […]

17/07/2011 i CULTURE what i like pink

The International Year of Forests

2011: The International Year of Forests. Did you know it was? Cos I sure didn’t. Not until I saw this beautiful photo exhibition behind the Louvre. “Forests cover a third of the Earth’s surface. They are home to over half of terrestrial species and hundreds of millions of human beings. Forests provide part of one […]

10/07/2011 i ART what i like 12One

Twelve:One – Showcasing Brisbane Artists Online

There’s some pretty inspiring art events always happening within Bris. Like I mean dressing up and rubbing shoulders with some trendy looking kids is cool and all but it can be such a chore sometimes.. Don’t you totally wish you could attend an art exhebition in your PJ’s… The awesome people at Twelve-one.com have got […]

10/07/2011 i ART what i like tumblr_ld6fon4klL1qa2nvfo1_500

flickr find :: Lukasz Wierzbowski

There is a lot of shit floating around flickr. But sometimes, while you’re trawling through the thousands of myspace style self-shots and day to day photo diaries of people you don’t know, you come across some really interesting photographers, like Lukasz Wierzbowski. From what I gather, Lukasz is a Polish freelance photographer. He likes taking […]

09/07/2011 i ART what i like street cube

Street Cube – Art in Surfers Paradise. What the?

Hey Strutteners, I am currently deeply jet-lagged from a 30 hour trip to Paris so I’ll have to keep this short. If you’re up for a bit of a road trip this weekend, head down to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast for Street Cube. Part of the Surfers Paradise Festival, Street Cube is a […]