We live like this – part of why I love Paddington


The other day, Claire and I were having a lazy day and after having a late breakfast/lunch at the Hampton’s café, we found ourselves in an adorable store called We live like this. At first glance it looks like a simple fashion boutique but on entering, I discovered they also stocked fun nic nacs like upside down pot plants, flying duck wall decals and wall hangers. We also found cards and illustrations by Australian and NZ illustrators such as Courtney Brims, Catherine Campbell, Lauren Carney and Bird in a Bunny Suit.

Another thing that struck me about the place was the charismatic young shop attendant Mekalie (who, to my surprise, was the store owner). It took a little convincing but I persuaded her to give me a video interview. This was my first one so the original footage ran something like a police interrogation but I think Steve cut it down nicely :p Thanks to Kat for recording, I know it was painful keeping the camera still for my epic interview.

 Thanks to Mekalie for being sooo patient with me in waiting for this post through technical difficulties such as me accidentally throwing my laptop across the room because I thought there was a roach in my shoe… Check out her facebook, pintrest, tumblr or twitter all maintained than no other than Miss Mekalie herself. Seriously, her updating habits are something a blogger like me should aspire to!



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    Great!!! I love it!

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