they’ve cast a .spell. on me. .

Hi Strutteners! :D

I think it was a year ago I spent the Easter break at Byron camping (omg, right near on the beach, yayyy!) and was at a really cool blues market and spotted this super cool stall.  They had a beautiful collection of Native American-esque boho jewellery, fashion and accessories.  I discovered it was a 2-sister team who created these beautiful pieces – a lot of them recycled and/or vintage, under their label, Spell. I’ve been meaning to show off for awhile now, because they’re just so damn cool – they totally reinvented animal print haha!  (hopefully one day we can interview them!))

Here are some selections that I love as well as my top pics of their lovely photographs.





and my top pics! you can go to the products if you click on them :)


  1. Claire Claire says:

    Awesome post nell! I love the feather head-dress!

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