OP SHOP SPOT. Vinnies in Paddington

Paddington is a personal favourite for vintage shopping. Something that makes this suburb unique is that the op shops and vintage stores appear to live side-by-side harmoniously.

You will find Vinnies at 16 Latrobe Tce inside “Foresters Hall” with it’s classic $1 clothes rack and row of tempting furniture out the front.

If you’re in the need for dining chairs, vanity tables, picnic sets, vinyls or even a creamer and sugar set, Vinnies in Paddington is where you’ll find it.

There’s an impressive and reasonably priced retro section up the back and an evening wear floor upstairs.

I’ve walked away from the Paddington Vinnies with shirts that would be appropriate for a cowgirl, clown and dental nurse, respectively, though I choose to incorporate them into my every day outfits.

Visit Vinnies in Paddington and find a second-hand treasure to take home!


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  1. That place is too cool..art bliss + best location.x

  2. Sandi says:

    Wow, not how I remember the old hall!! My Grandparents used to caretaker that place when I was just a child! I remember having the job of sweeping it after the Buffalos (yep, as in the men with big hats, like the Flintstones. haha) finished their meetings.. The smell of dust and timber is etched into my nostrils, I can smell it now like I was there!! My Nanna and Granddad lived in a small unit under the back of the hall where they lived for many many years.. There were a lot of family milestones in that place, including my sisters wedding, and the last being my Nannas wake.. Thanks for the memories, I loved that old hall! :-)

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