Hannah Zakari – an o/s discovery

Having arrived in Edinburgh, Scottland for a Jimmy Eatworld gig, Claire and I conveniently found ourselves in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

We hurried past Hannah Zakari while trying to find a comedy gig but swore to come back and have a look, and that is what we  did. There were many things I loved about this store: the cute shop display; the plain understated white walls that helped to show off the merchandise; the art prints and the cuuuutest jewellry. But most of all, the name tickles my Japanese patriotism :) Hannah Zakari (which you no doubt are butchering with your Aussie accent) roughly translates to ‘time to bloom’. Pretty right?

Moving on… it turns out that Hannah Zakari has a very successful online store. They have represented over 100 indie designers from around the globe so when you buy something from them, ” someone is happy [you bought] the things they have made,” which I think is a really nice sentiment.

It is totally going to be my new secret birthday gift shop and for any of you who are blossoming designers, I suggest you contact Rachael Lamb (Hannah Zakari owner) cos it would be nice to boost the Aussie percentage ;)

Here’s some of my fave products from the site. The first photo is of a necklace I bought. I called him Silvan the Sloth and I love him. But I accidentally forgot him in Malaysia :”( I asked the hostel to mail him to me but he hasn’t arrived yet. Every day I wonder where in the world he might be and what he’s doing. Hope I see you soon Silvan! xoxo

Images borrowed from www.hannahzakari.co.uk/


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