You’re apparently allowed only one Man Crush

I’m gonna make a bold call and say Easter is coming a month early this year.

March 22nd will hopefully see the long awaited return of Jesus Julian, Nick, Albert, Fabrizio and Nikolai.
Or “The Strokes” for those of you still in the dark.

The last 48 hours have been a little unproductive for me, tho i’m content to believe that anyone who has heard “Undercover of Darkness” and is a fan, can empathize. Over the last two days listening to this on an hourly basis has slowly become routine.

I’m excited, nearly shed a tear when I heard the track… Tho in all honesty I can’t help but feel guilty. See, unlike many fans of the Strokes who have waited over four years for a new album, i’m somewhat of a Johnny-come-lately to  the whole Strokes bandwagon… Booo, I know!

To avoid being condemned , this is how I will make up for my ignorance…

Since your apparently allowed only one Man Crush, if I had to choose between Bear Grylls, a man famous for eating bugs and drinking piss (Urine not beer) and the dreamy broodings of Julian Cassablancas… I’d let Jules sing in my ear any day.

Also to prove I know my shit, here are 3 interesting facts about Julian Casablancas.

1. His mother was Miss Denmark in 1965.

2. The first girl he ever kissed was his cousin.

3. On twitter he mentioned that growing up he was into the rap group Digable Planets!

(Heeey Me Tooo)

(Photo’s by Chris Searl for Monster Children Magazine)


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