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This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our we ♥ what we like exhibition at
Bleeding Heart Gallery (Friday 17th June, 6pm!).

Introducing Jacob Lambert.


What do you do during the daytime?
Too many things!  I’m at uni as of this year and I work at a surf store as well as a camera hire store – both are glorious jobs because I get to deal with things that I enjoy alllll day.

How did you start taking photos? Tell us a storrryy.
I like telling this story so expect it to be detailed – but to put it briefly it was the stoke in Megan Cullen’s eye.  In January 2009 I went to a music show that had about 10 people there and we were all having a blissful time – but I kept getting distracted though as I couldn’t help noticing this girl taking photos because she looked so outrageously happy!!!  I knew that I was having a great time but she seemed to be indulging in a heightened state of enjoyment.  Being someone that enjoys enjoyment I was naturally quite intrigued.

A few days later I saw Megan’s pictures and they changed me forever.  I didn’t realise it was possible to document such emotion so accurately! From that moment on I started paying attention to photography and began looking at heaps of pictures online and in my brother’s Nat Geo stash but I did not touch a camera or have the desire to for a while later.

It was around two months after that night that I cut my knee open and lost the majority of any movement.  At the time I typified a surf bum and this predicament proved to be very frustrating as I had nothing to do, and after a few days the overwhelming boredom got the better of me so I drove down to the coast and took a friend surfing.  He had a nifty camera so I busied myself with that as a way to stave the boredom and jealousy while I was forced to watch him get waves.  The next morning I broke my piggie bank on my local camera store’s bench and purchased the best thing I could afford.  I read the manual and proceeded to enjoy life in that heightened level of enjoyment that I witnessed and so desperately craved. I should buy her some flowers. 

Film or digital? Because your photos LOOK like film but I’ve seen you with a digital so I can’t figure it out.
Ideally both at all times! I try and carry both around with me and shoot according to shot but I end up getting lazy and shoot more photos on digital. I think you’re a bit of a silly person if you don’t appreciate photography to its full potential.  They’re both fantastic avenues within this glorious medium so why not explore and enjoy what is on offer?

I do however dislike the overuse of postproduction and I hate that people can consider a digital picture for its post-production values (and assume you’ve got mad Photoshop skills because your pictures look nice). Sure it’s part of the digital game but I don’t like how much digital photography lends itself to digital art.  I consider photography a documentative medium and not one that should be used to falsely represent what is actually there – it’s like reading lies in the newspaper.  It’s not all qualms though, I like that digital allows me to consistently capture situations that a roll of film could not. I love film, I admire people that only shoot film, I love film’s free uniquity and natural aesthetic but it’s impractical for the work I get and poses the risk of snapping the already fragile tether that keeps me from being broke.

Any horror photo shoot stories?
I went to photograph my friend in a gym for a windsurfing exercise book he wanted to make.  It was a cry because we had to do 4 hours work in 50 minutes and the lighting that be brought did not operate. I was qualmed.

Where are some of your favourite places to take photos of in Brisbane?
Anywhere from the inside of my car!  I’m a serial drive-by shooter.

I noticed you have a lot of watery images (i.e. Beaches, lakes, rainy fields) – aren’t you worried your camera is going to get ruined?
I do worry but I force myself to forget.  I’ve broken a lot of camera gear, about three times the value of what I own now, which is not ideal but at the same time it’s totally fine.  If you worry about your gear you should downgrade, it’s like having a nice car that you leave in a garage.  A camera is a tool and as long as you can take a picture with that tool than you’re back!  Awesome gear is just a bonus, a very enjoyable and beneficial bonus.

I remember during the floods I was knee deep on the Riverwalk jetty (the one that got swept out to the ocean later that day) and I was having the best time because I was not only standing out in the floods in awe of what was happening around me, but I was having fun with my camera.  Creating stuff in an environment like that was surreal.  If I was worried about my gear I would not have put in the work to get out there and would not have enjoyed the action while having fun trying to capture something.

These situations are unreal to experience and because of this I know that, regardless of whether I can live off photography, I will always have a camera on me.  Although, somewhat ironically, an hour after leaving the flooded pontoon I stepped down a gutter and the telephoto I had hanging from my shoulder popped out of its bag and got destroyed.

I was researching/stalking your blog and you mentioned that you were delving into the world of moving images (video clips & films). What prompted this change and how are you finding it compared to stills?
Delving is a generous term; I think that I’m making a mockery of the medium.

Favourite photo shoot to date?
To stretch the idea of a ‘photo shoot’ I’d say Vietnam, or when I was on set for a film clip my friend made down in the Gold Coast hinterlands.

Where do you look to for inspiration? Certain songs, images, photographers, pets, activities, books, etc?
I don’t really hunt for inspiration because I’m lucky enough to get plenty of it through my daily happenings!  Blogs and Flickr are great but I get restless easily and I deal with that by taking photos.  Can you inspire yourself?  If so my appetite for fun times is my biggest inspiration.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
As of today I am on holidays, woooo!!!!!!  I want a website so that I can have a showcase other than my blog. I don’t want to worry about the standard of photos on my blog; I want [it] to be a journal as I’ve always intended it to be.  Plus I feel that websites seem to give photos an aura of grandeur.  I do have an idea that will, hopefully by the end of the holidays, be completed and put into a small book/mag form. It’s all about childhood stoke and I want it to motivate people to stop being boring!  Although that is a daunting task, we live in a lazy society with too much entertainment in the comfort our own homes… I hope they don’t read the zine in the comfort of their own homes, I’d hate that.

Come and have general woo times with Jacob and the Strutten team at the Strutten :: we ♥ what we like exhibition on Friday Night at Bleeding Heart Gallery.


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