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This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our “we ♥ what we like” exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery (Friday 17th June, 6pm!).

Introducing Beth Mitchell.

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19, female, Toowoomba

What do you do during the daytime?
This year I have ventured out on my own doing video and photography work. At the moment, corporate video is my main income but I hope that one day I will be able to live from my photography work.

How did you start taking photos?
My father has been in the video industry since I was a child, so I followed suite, but one day I decided to pick up a still camera and take photos in the back yard and discovered a new creativity I have never felt with video.

Your latest set of photos are underwater fashion shots. Firstly, how did you find working underwater and secondly, how did you manage to not ruin your equipment??
I don’t have the ‘professional’ equipment to deal with underwater situations, which does make it particularly risky for my equipment, so the answer is insurance!  Working underwater is always unpredictable and hard work, but very exciting and well worth being extremely cold for hours.

Where are some of your favorite places to take photos of in Brisbane?
The Port of Brisbane was very cool, I really want to go back and shoot in different areas. I also loved the Toowong Cemetery, the history and eeriness was so exciting and really contributed to the feeling of the images.

You have some pretty unique and interesting shots in your portfolio. Do you get a completely random idea which you experiment on, or does a client/collaborator come to you with a proposal and you start thinking of ideas from that?
Most of the time I come up with a theme and how I want the images to look and work from there, other times I’ve collaborated with some very talented people and the results have been amazing.

Where do you look to for inspiration? Certain songs, images, photographers, pets, activities, books etc?
Inspiration is really important to me. International photographers like Akif Hakan Celebi, my favourite fashion magazine ‘KAREN’ (less words, more images!) and online art communities such as deviant art inspire me.

Is fashion photography competitive? How do you set yourself apart?
There seem to be so many photographers around now that digital has taken over. So fashion photography is very competitive. I try to stay focused on my own development, learning from the professionals and continuing to develop my own style, which will set me apart from the rest.

Your favorite photoshoot to date?
I always seem to love my most recent photo shoots, so in this case ‘Underwater Wonderland’ and ‘Black Corridors & Bright Lights’.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
I’m continuously planning new and exciting projects. So you’ll have to watch me to find out!

Be sure to come and check out Beth Mitchell‘s work at Bleeding Heart Gallery – 166 Ann Street, Brisbane City – from 6pm-10pm on the 17th June!


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