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This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our “we ? what we like” exhibition at
Bleeding Heart Gallery (Friday 17th June, 6pm!).

Introducing the fantastic Alex Grigg

As a kid, what got you drawing? TV? Cartoons?

I’m not sure. I remember drawing lots of monsters when I was really little.  I’m sure the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jim Henson had something to do with that. Dragon Ball Z was pretty massive when I was a bit older

Who are some artists you admire? How do you think they’ve shaped your style/technique?

Well a lot of artists come to mind. I really admire illustrators who go out of their way to engage their audience. James Jean comes to mind because his concepts are amazingly strong, but he’s also such a great draftsman.  I really struggle with the balance between art and craft, so people like James really inspire me.

Your 2D animation and illustrations are very crisp and vivid – how would you describe your personal artwork/sketches?

Subverted nostalgia? I dunno, that sounds weird. Colourful? That’s probably more accurate.

How do you think your friends would describe you?

It pains me to think.

Graduating as an animator, where would you like your commercial work to take you? Directing? feature film?

It’d be great just to keep making fun stuff. Whether that’s helping other people implement their ideas, or getting other people to help me with mine. People get pretty hung up on feature films, i don’t really have the attention span for something that huge.

Favourite project you’ve worked on as an animator and why?

My first job was on a film called The Cat Piano, which is still probably the work I’m most proud to be part of. Working with crazy talented artists like Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment, as well as Nick Cave taught me so much. Its been hard to top that.

*While we’re on animation, be sure to check out Alex’s sexy demo-reel below*

Been really digging your latest ventures into poster art – animation or illustration? Of the two which do you think you feel more comfortable working with and why?

They both fulfill separate things for me at the moment. Illustration is cool because I can do it by myself, and follow things through from concept to a final piece. Animation requires a lot more collaboration, which I love, but can be a pain in arse logistically. Animation is important to me though because it incorporates both illustration as well as filmmaking. When I actually finish an animation I’m proud of its a much bigger pay off.

Being a local boy from Brissy, how do you find industry and lifestyle in comparison to being based
now in South Australia?

Its funny. I don’t think many people would think of Adelaide as an animation hub, but there are a bunch of really exciting studios here and they keep me busy in a way that Brisbane would probably struggle to do. The lifestyle is a lot slower than Brisbane though. I don’t mind too much, but I get the itch for bigger cities sometimes.

Music also seems a big part of your life, are there any musicians in particular that inspire your work or you like to listen to while you sketch?

Its funny you ask that, because the work I’ve just sent up for the exhibition is all kind of based around the idea of sketching while I listen to music. I really like making band posters because I get to interpret music in a visual way, which is super fun. The downfall is that you have to worry about the “brand” of the band as well as actually getting people to see them through clear communication. The work I’m showing with you guys is this idea of just taking an image certain albums gave me, and not having to worry about branding or communication. I’m not totally sure if it was a good idea, but it was fun.

Oh, to answer your question, yes. I probably have pretty generic taste in music though…. Stooges, LCD Soundsystem, Jay Z, Jamie T, Radiohead, The Drones, Girls, ect ect ect. .

Do you think Alex Grigg of Red Riders fame is pretty bummed about you claiming top 4 spots on Google?

Maybe. I got this crazy fan email a few months ago that was meant for the other Alex, telling me that he had pictures of me all over his school books and want to swap clothes with me via mail. Maybe the other Alex is happy he’s not on top of Google… His latest band Straight Arrows are one of the best aussie bands out at the moment.. So I hope he’s happy.

Tell us a little about some of the new stuff you’re unveiling at our exhibition.

Oh, i did that. Sorry, I totally blew this question…. Um they are hand pressed block cuts, which ended up being quite limiting in the designs I could do, but was a cool challenge. I have a few huge gouges in my hands from carving the blocks.

Can we look forward to anything particular you’re working on at the moment?

I’ve been doing loads of commercial work lately, but I’m looking do a pretty big personal project over the next few months which should be fun. Stay tuned I guess.

Lastly, any great places we could have a beer with you next time we’re down in Radalaide?

The Exeter is great. I end up there every Friday. The Grace Emily is also great. It has live music every night and 40c pool.


Be sure to come and check out Alex Grigg’s work at Bleeding Heart Gallery
166 Ann Street, Brisbane City – from 6pm-10pm on the 17th June!

Website: http://www.alexgrigg.com/
Blog: joyboxblues.blogspot


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    haha thanks for the comment dude, i’m sure alex will appreciate the kudos

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