Talented Brisbane kid Adric Watson and his ‘cupboard’ of photographs

The first time I met Adric he appeared out of his cupboard-size bedroom, holding a cup of tea, which was swimming with tea leaves.
“The tea bag exploded.” He told Natty-o and I and he contently sipped away at it.
I got the impression that Adric is a pretty laid-back, easily pleased guy. I say this because it takes a special type of guy to live happily in a bedroom that is the size of a large cupboard.

Inside this cosy bedroom Adric has photographs and drawings tiling his walls. Most of these photos depict friends and adventures. Luckily for you he has put these photos on his blog ones&zeroz and some of my favourites are included below. Now to get to know Mr Watson more personally…

When did you first become interested in photography?

I first became interested in photography perhaps a few years ago when I first bought a stills camera, perhaps when I started shooting crappy films with Archer Davies & Sam Dixon in highschool, or perhaps when I found my Dad’s erotic photography books hidden away in the bookshelf when I was a kid and simultaneously learned about photos and girls. I’m not so sure. I’ve always been interested in images.

What cameras do you use?

Not telling.

Why do your photographs mostly contain people?

I take photos of what interests me most and as honestly as I can. I don’t choose to predominantly photograph people. It’s just an natural reaction to a subject that I connect with. There’s not a great deal of method to it. I’m interested in capturing a true feeling or atmosphere. I think photographing people is the most accessible subject for anyone to identify with. In short: It’s a gimmick.

What are your favourite things about Brisbane?

Mountjoy Street. George’s Seafood. King Ahiram’s Lebanese. No No’s Kebabery.

Have you exhibited your photos anywhere before?

Only in my room. Would be nice though.

What’s your day job?

Centrelink (sorry).

Do you have any artists that inspire you?

Michael Haneke, Kubrick, Terrance Mallick, Emmanuel Lubezki Morgenstern, Bill Henson, Mum & Dad, Archer Davies, Sam Dixon, iTunes, caffeine, bankruptcy, dead-end jobs, hang-overs, and ex-girlfriends.


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    Specially love the two girls on the road! Awesome post Claire

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