Steven Rhodes designs tees

I met up with graphic designer and illustrator Steven Rhodes last week to discuss his work. Steve’s illustrations have appeared in Wooden Toy, Monster Children and Time Off magazine and on the flyer for the Brisbane Autumn/Winter Finders Keepers Markets. Our conversation strayed from art to theories on tattooing pig skins and the bush turkey replacing the emu on Australia’s coat of arms. However I did ask him about his t-shirt designs that are featured on Threadless.

Flyer designed by Steven Rhodes

Threadless tee design by Steven Rhodes

Have many people purchased your Steven Seagull shirt?
Yeah I’ve sort of been keeping an eye on it. Because it’s an American website, it seems like all the XXL shirts are selling out.

Do you have other designs on there?
I have heaps of designs on there but that’s the only one that’s been made into a shirt. It’s quite a harsh illustration community. It’s good, it makes you a better illustrator when people are judging you and critiquing you.

You can view Steve’s Threadless designs at his Threadless profile or visit his website. Also you should help a Brisbane guy out and vote for his awesome design, Duck in Training.


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