Silo Spring 2011 :: Warren Handley

In the lead up to Silo’s Spring 2011 Mixtape Launch tomorrow night at Jugglers ArtSpace, the gang here at thought it would be good to feature some of the artists that will be exhibiting as part of our Tunnel Artshow.

Introducing Warren Handley

Originally from the south east of England, Warren believes creativity should not necessarily be restricted to the use of just one medium. Dabbling in all kinds of media from illustration, graphic design, mixed media assemblages and live visuals, we here at Strutten are very excited to have Warren showcasing some his work.


Warren Handley



Daytime job:

Visual Artist, VJ, Graphic Designer, dish pig, delivery man, general badman.

Where can we see your work on the internets?

over here: and here: 

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

A music man

What/who inspires you?

music, the cosmos, the thought of doing DMT, and this website >>> 

Favourite website of the moment (doesn’t have to be art related):


Favourite place in Brisbane that motivates you to work on your art?

21 Kenbury Street, Bulimba & 352 Milton Road Auchenflower

How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?

Unpredictable but exciting

What’s next for you?

All sorts of projects currently on the go and soon to be started spanning from: Art work and video design for Local Record labels / Producers, Exhibitions, Workshops at the EDGE, VJing, Dexian Racking & Back to Blighty for crimbo.