Silo Spring 2011 :: Ken Smith


In the lead up to Silo’s Spring 2011 Mixtape Launch tomorrow night at Jugglers ArtSpace, the gang here at thought it would be good to feature some of the artists that will be exhibiting as part of our Tunnel Artshow.


Ken Smith



From covering everything from mana bar promos to featuring in August’s ETCC Semipermanent Sideshow, Ken Smith is an emerging illustration and design student that’s really making some waves outta Bris. His full-bodied vector art style is easily recognizeable and perfect for gig posters and t-shirt designs – some really bold and beautiful stuff.

Strutten can’t wait for you to check out his awesomeness this Friday night.



Ken Smith



Daytime job:

t-shirt constructionist

Where can we see your work on the internets?

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I’d be bored out of my mind.

What/who inspires you?

Currently reading a bunch of short stories by Italo Calvino. Would love to make them into short comics.

Favourite website of the moment (doesn’t have to be art related): It’s the tumblr for one of the Adventure Time animators. Hey internets, I want my life back.

Favourite place in Brisbane that motivates you to work on your art?

I have a few secret hangouts. Not gonna give them all away, but The Paladar’s rooftop balcony is a nice little escape.

How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?

Bashful, coy and a bit strange. But I love it anyway.

What’s next for you?

coffee break! and in the slightly longer term: world domination throught t-shirts and comics!


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