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Working in the design industry, you meet a lot of really talented creatives that inspire and really push you to better yourself!

Moving over to Price Attack, I met the not-so -bogan, Logan local & print designer extraodinaire,  Katelyn Hankinson!

This Paper Queen was kind enough to let me spam attack her with questions about her craft and I’m delighted to share her work!


Where are you based?


What’s your daytime job?

Graphic Designer for Price Attack

Where can we see your work on the internets?

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

If I wasn’t working in a creative industry, I’d be a personal organiser. 
Organisation in itself is a beautiful thing — no ocd tendencies here ha.

Who or what inspires you?

Nouns — people, places, things or animals with personality.

Do you have a particular fancy for a-symmetry? 

I think so.
It depends on the day.

Do you have a typical process for your creations?

After much frustration, self doubt and internal critique, an idea is born, released, recaptured, rediscovered and re-released into the world.

Favourite websites of the moment (doesn’t have to be art related)?

What’s your favourite hangout?

Coffee shops.
There isn’t one in particular, just so long as it has a good vibe and people watching potential.

How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?


What exciting new things do you have coming up?

Creative wise — I’m a member of the We Heart Collective and our next exhibition is coming up early next year, so I’ve been busy preparing my piece for that.
Life wise — I’m heading abroad in February next year, to Europe for a month long adventure.



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  3. Dominique says:

    Totally LOVE Katelyn’s work. I think she’s amazing.

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