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photo by Georges Antoni

Olivia is fresh out of high school, a mere eighteen years of age. But she’s already made a significant ripple in the cut-throat industry that modelling is, if I have learnt correctly from watching countless seasons of my not-so-secret vice, America’s Next Top Model.

photo by Israel Rivera

Described as “ethereal, elegant and innately chic” (the vine), this girl was tipped to be the new face to watch at the Rosemount Australian Fashion week last week. Inbetween walking countless amazing shows including Talulah, Magdalena Valevska, Camilla and Marc (eeep!), Dion Lee and Ellery, and doing various interviews for magazines, she had time to answer my silly questions.

photo by Carine Thevenau

how did you manage to get your break in a small town like Murwillumbah?

Well, I didn’t really get spotted in Murbs’, I was shopping on the Gold Coast and was watching a modeling competition held by my agency when I was accosted (kidding – they were really very nice) by two ladies inquiring as to why I wasn’t partaking. I was signed a few weeks later.


photo by Israel Rivera

what’s sydney like for you? do you love it or hate it?

Loooove it. Of course I miss the rolling plains and clear air of home, but Sydney is busy, big, full of inspiring people and has a fully sick nightlife…brah.

do you get a say in what gigs you want to book or is it pretty much whatever your agent says goes?

The latter really – Though I’m in good hands and I trust my agency’s judgement.  Although from time to time I look at my day’s schedule and think “Really?” Gotta make the dollars somehow I guess, even if those dollars are courtesy of an Ezibuy catalogue.

photo by Holly Blake via Frockwriter

what’s your most memorable fashion mistake? (do you have a photo?please have a photo!)

This one time, when I was about 10, I thought that it was cool to wear skirts over pants. It’s okay if you don’t want to be my friend anymore. I have no photo evidence, only psychological evidence – that feeling of guilt whenever someone compliments my style.

photo by Israel Rivera

your favourite website right now

if the world was overtaken by a militant group of dictators who demanded that you have only ONE item of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be? (you can choose to be practical here, or have no regard for it – your choice)

A onesie of many colours and patterns. A material vomit onesie, if you will.

photo by Georges Antoni

most overrated fashion trend?

GUESS anything. Ugh.

favourite brand?

This is like when people ask you ‘what’s you’re favourite song?’ It’s a toughie! But I’ll narrow it down to a few – Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Zimmermann, Ellery, Bassike, Arnsdorf, Karla Spetic.

photo by Justine Walpole

Did you get to keep the clothes from the Ellery shoot?

Funnily enough, I think I have some Ellery goodness coming my way in thenear future! So in a roundabout way, yes.

photo by Holly Blake via Frockwriter

any amazing new designers you think we should know about?

Yeah – me. I’m releasing a range of onesies in many colours and patterns. My label is called ‘Onesieful’. I think this interview will be good press.


we at wish olivia the best of luck with her modelling and especially with her onesie business.



On a related note, watch this youtube video of Tyra Banks yelling at people on America’s Next Top Model.


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