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Just a little while ago I saw Ra Ra Superstar‘s latest campaign and saw these amazing photographs! These were the wonderful pieces by talented Elisabeth Harvey. She kindly gave us some insight into her world and even shared some of her pieces!

Introducing Lis…

Where are you based?

I work out of Momentum Studio which is a great space. We meet a lot of interesting people and learn a lot from some of the leaders of the industry.

What’s your daytime job?

This is it! I work full time (including a lot of overtime!) as a freelance photographer.

Where can we see your work on the internets? & Elisabeth Harvey Photography on Facebook

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

Well, I’ve always liked flowers. I think I would be a florist.

Who or what inspires you?

It can come from anywhere really – a great piece of music, a wonderful painting, someone’s unique style or their personality even. And of course from the work of other photographers.

What’s your favourite out of fashion/beauty, commercial, documentary, or art photography?

I really enjoy working with fashion – there’s so much scope for imagination.

Do you have a typical process for your creations?

I usually start by getting a really clear understanding of my clients objectives – what they want to say, the feeling behind their brand and how they fit in the greater context of their industry. We then work together to create a visual that portrays all of these ideas.

Do you prefer Black & White or coloured photography?

It really depends on the image – both have their pros and cons.

Favourite website of the moment (doesn’t have to be art related)?

I’m a little bit hooked on this online store a friend showed me called Anthropologie. So much cute stuff and they have beautiful photography too.

What’s your favourite hangout?

I live in West End and so spend a lot of time in the many cute cafe’s and bars around there. My new favourite is a bar called The End on Vulture Street.

How would you describe the Brisbane art scene?

I think it’s a really exciting time to be a part of Brisbane’s art scene. It’s matured so much over the last few years and there are some fantastic things coming out of this city at the moment.

What exciting new things do you have coming up?

I am actually working on an exciting side project at the moment starting a fashion label. The idea is that the label will fill the gap that exists between over the top overtly sexy underwear, and really practical boring stuff. I suppose it’s a different kind of sexy! Look out for Nico Underwear – launching towards the end of this year!




Lis not only has wonderful fashion and commercial work, but her documentary and personal work is amazing too and definitely needs to be shared!








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