Tigertown – my new obsession as of tonight

Friday I’m in love.

Tonight at the strong suggestion of a friend, I wandered over to Bar Soma in the Valley to check out Sydney band Tigertown. As I felt my heart melt from the very first song I heard, I found myself hoping that I would never lose this beautiful feeling I felt when I discovered a new band.

And so my love affair with Tigertown begins. From Charlie’s ethereal voice to Chris’ lilting and catchy guitar melodies, Tigertown encompasses so much of what I love about Australian indie music. I always like a good band with a broad selection of instruments so I enjoyed the occasional appearance of a trumpet and violin.

Strangely, an object that captured my interest for some time was Chris’ well worn guitar. The paint had long warn away from where his forearm had brushed against it through countless strums and the whammy bar hung loose like a lifeless limb yet still apparently served it’s purpose. It seemed to me to tell a story of unseen hours of rehearsals and gigs. Maybe that’s what has led to their polished sounds and perfect harmony, or maybe it’s the family connection. Literally, the band members are all related, either by blood or by law. 

As I didn’t have my camera with me you will have to forgive me for my crappy phone shots :p

Check out their website for tour deets. You can also find their music on  Triple J unearthed.


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