Nothing makes us prouder at Strutten than witnessing a group of creatives who share a passionate interest in something they love and then join forces to share with the world their craft. For Silo, that craft is electronic music. Bedroom producers, geeks and uber nerds can now rejoice, Silo is here to satisfy your electronic cravings! Whether they be ambient chilled beats to make you feel like you’re in a Sophia Coppola movie or some glitchy chiptunes to relive your Nintendo Gameboy obsession, Silo has got your back.



Who are the Silo collective and what was the inspiration in coming together?


Silo is a group of likeminded producers and digital artists based in the Brisbane area. We have all met though different avenues, and slowly became aware that Brisbane is full of musicians like ourselves. Being a bedroom music geek is often kind of isolating! Without trying to sound too negative, we feel that Brisbane would be a much better place to live if we didn’t have to get beat over the head by the same old indie, house or dubstep tunes every night. While we certainly aren’t the only group out there, we are dedicated to doing our part in building a local interest for something new.



For people who are unfamiliar with electronic music, words like ‘ambient’ and ‘electronica’ sound really unusual, can you describe what type of music Silo aim to create and promote?


Silo is very welcoming to all genres. One look through our current artist listing will confirm that! We don’t place any emphasis on any real style, although I suppose we lean toward production that is either experimental or tasteful, or both! At the moment, our roster is comprised of artists that don’t use live drums, although I expect that to change quite soon. Probably the best way to familiarize yourself with our sound is to check out and make up your own mind.


How do you aim to promote electronic music around Brisbane?


While it is an exciting prospect to put on shows and get our local artists to play – we feel that part of the problem is that young electronic bands from the other parts of Australia see Brisbane as a bit of a lost cause. This is heartbreaking for us! A big part of our work in the future will be doing all we can to bring exciting new artists to our city. Even if it means we have to pay for their flights, pick them up from the airport and let them sleep on our couches. With a bit of luck, expect to see artists like Peon, Otouto, 48/4, Tantrums, Collarbones, Fishing, The Townhouses and many more hit Brisbane sometime soon.



Who are some artists that initially sparked your interest and inspired you to start a collective?


I have been a big fan of local band Oh Ye Denver Birds for quite some time now, but I have only recently met their front man, Dominic Stephens. Dom showed me some of his solo work – specifically his Ravenmocker project. It is some really interesting stuff, I loved it straight away! Rio Lobotomy have always caught my attention. They are a remix and production duo with immaculate taste. Their ear for grooves and bass lines is remarkable, and they have released some stellar work over the past few years. A friend of mine named Matt Cook recently showed me a track called ‘Two Hands’, that he produced under his moniker White Palms. It blew me away. I remember thinking that with a little bit of polish, it would fit very nicely on the Warp or Brainfeeder labels. We got to talking about bringing this type of music out of the bedrooms and to the streets, hence Silo was brought into the world.



Where do you source the artists that are involved from and how can people get involved in promoting or contributing to Silo?


The Silo artists are all just a bunch of creeps we have met around the city. We are all really friendly and we will listen to everything we get sent. If there is anyone out there who wants to get involved, or feel they want to help us out in any capacity, send us an email at -we always reply within a week. If you want to hear about our events and updates, please befriend us at and keep an eye on



and while you’re there feast your ears on their Winter 2011 mixtape