January 2011 Playlist

Je t’aime… moi non plus

For those of you who make an unwilling return to the office desk tomorrow… don’t worry. I’ve thrown together this super laid back playlist to help you fully remain in the lazy holiday mind set. Also if you feel like making your start to the year even more unproductive, check out the videos for each song.

Brisbane band DZ have been kickin round town for a few years now, the un-official video for Gebbie Street (Click to watch) mash’s up some of my favourite movies, compiling them in a sexed up suit and tie narrative which end’s in a bang, multiple bangs!

I’m not the biggest Radiohead fan.. Well at least not until i was shown this video for The Natonal Anthem via Sim. I had no idea Radiohead were black…

Twin Shadow made his debut with the album Forget in 2010. Produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly bear, the albums eerie retro synths make for a very nostalgic listen. Peep the fan made video for Castles in the Snow, the clips of the 80′s Punks compliment the music perfectly.

The clip for Red Socks Pugie gives me flashbacks of falling asleep in Art theory class at QCA. I probably should have felt privileged to be one of the last generations to watch something on 8mm film… Whatevs.

Hey Id Engager, It’s animation… I have a BA in animation. Go-figure!

Spike Jonze, the indie film maker who actually makes money.. how I envy you :(   The Suburbs.

Continuing the theme of kids in videos, Iv’e been in love with this song Undertow ever since Nat posted it a few weeks back!

You know what makes Karaoke so awesome… Well it’s a combination of things. The off key singing, the shitty song selections that reveal too much about your upbringing, the drunken dancing, Queen Bohemian Rhapsody. Most importantly it’s the irrelevant images of people walking on the beach and having a gay ol’ time playing on the screen behind you! The video for Bermuda, makes me wanna Karaoke.

More kids in videos… Shyness.

Hypnotize U , Being produced by Daft Punk, I think this song is meant to have a deeper meaning, something about… ok let’s not kid ourselves were all just looking at the American Apparel chicks, right?


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  1. noelle nell says:

    Yay!!! Will definitely be listening tomorrow! First day back at work!

  2. Aims Aims says:

    This is perfection, I really like that Bermuda song.

  3. Sim Sim says:

    sweet list brotherman, been enjoying Twin Shadow’s debut from your recommendation – have you seen the video for Slow?
    it’s disturbingly awesome

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