Cub Scouts Told You So

They are amongst some of the youngest currently gracing Brisbane’s music scene tho the Cub Scouts make it seem like their seasoned vets.

We were lucky enough to catch these babes on the Brisbane leg of their Told You So Tour to discuss their current Single ‘Told You So’. We also threw in a few questions about Dinosaurs for good measure.



Here is some extra reading for the real Babe Scout fans!

How do you guys all know each other?

Tim: Most of us went to school together, except Dan, he went to a different school.
We weren’t really friends at school tho,  we became friends in the first couple of years out.

You guys seem to have crammed a lot into the last year. So what do you guys get up to when your not in the Cub scouts?

Sam; I just finished my oral health therapy degree.  Zoe’s been studying music. Tim has been studying and also working in the last year. It’s been busy!

I noticed in the Told You So video Zoe was wearing a Mighty Ducks jersey, are you a fan?

Zoe: Someone bought it for me so I thought it would be perfect to use in the film clip. I used to watch it a lot when i was little

Tim: I haven’t seen it in like 15 years or something tho i think i liked it when i was little.

Sam, you recently read the hunger games..

 Sam: Yes I did!.. *Laughs from Zoe

Which character do you think is closest to you?

Sam: I barely remember doing that.

Tim: Your such a Katniss!

Sam: Haha maybe A Katniss at heart,  Maybe the Baker boy, Peter.. I’ll go with that.

Do you guys have anything you do before a gig?

Not really, tho when we play here at Alhambra we usually get Mad Mex. but i’m not really hungry so i don’t think that’s going to happen for me tonight.

Do you have any band rules?

Tim: We’re not allowed to eat bananas in the tour van cos Dan hates the smell!
Zoe: Or tuna, tho I think that’s everyone’s rule.
Sam:I think that’s just a sensible rule, eat tuna on your own time!
Zoe: Yeah no Tuna no bananas.


Whats with Destiny’s Child, you cover a few of their songs..

Tim: It’s more Beyonce we like… tho I’ll give Michelle and Kelly a go since there in there with Beyonce. We think they have really good music so we cover some of their songs.

You have a new cover your doing tonight?

Zoe: Yeah Its a bit of a mashup

Tim: It’s going to be wonderful!






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