Set sail for OnePiece!

Bruce Lee… the Beastie Boys… Elvis… Evel Knievel…


What do these industry badasses all have in common?…


Yeah that’s right… jumpsuits. So in the spirt of looking good and feeling comfortable at the same time I present to you…



Ok so maaaybe they’re not as flashy as the ones that are adorned by our celebrity contemporaries, and maaaybe someone just put a hood on a snuggy and hired out all the pretty boys and girls from Ralph Lauren for a photoshoot… but that’s not the point -  the point is 3 crazy Norwegians had a dream for the ultimate chill-out wear, and I reckon – they’ve done pretty freakin’ sweet job.
Their very slick website (which features some very cute animations) has an online store which features OnePiecesesss starting from $136 and come in a range of colours, sizes and patterns that are perfect for

  • light jogging (that’s pronounced yogging)
  • competitive ping-pong
  • and playing video games

And just when you thought playing video games couldn’t get any sexier than this…

in any case… i’m sold

Thanks to Claire for capturing this pantless phenomenon
and thanks to Emma (the prettiest bride-to-be) for the hot tip


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  1. Claire Claire says:

    Hahaha I want a pj onesie! with old-school butt flap. Do I get photo credit for the party with no pants shot?

  2. Emma says:

    Wow, check out those hams!

  3. noelle nell says:

    this is seriously one of the best posts ever.
    those suits are dayaaamn sexyyy

  4. Im thankful for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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