My Hipster Puppy

Just for fun the other day, I dressed my dog up in my clothes and took photos. Not my best work but, to be fair, Rin wasn’t being the most cooperative model.

When I told Steve about this post, he told me about an awesome website which I will now share with you. Hipster puppies! check it out. I’ve shown a couple of my favourites here but really, they are best appreciated with the hilarious tag lines.

In order of appearance is: the bolero I bought from Finder’s Keepers Markets; the ‘teenage dirtbag’ hat (as my housemate called it) that I bought on the side of the road when I was in NYC (I can’t pull it off nearly as well as Rin but I was freezing!); my Kid Robot scarf/mittens/hood; a random scarf and lastly a hat I bought from one of the pharmacies I work at (proving that fashion can be found anywhere :p).


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  1. Steve says:

    Hahaha no way.. Sorry doggy i didn’t mean to put you through such humiliation.

  2. noelle nell says:

    haha that’s so cute!!

  3. Sim Sim says:

    that’s gold, Rin you superstud – the one with the book and beret is so boss

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