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A while back I met Alice Veivers in Winn Lane to discuss her quirky fashion label ‘Alice Nightingale’. Alice is one of those people you want to grab by the shoulders and shake them whilst screaming “HOW DO YOU DO IT!? TELL ME YOUR SECRET” Because at 20 years of age, Alice has a diploma, her own fashion label, a kick ass business and stalls in all the great markets around Brisbane. She manages to do all this whilst fending off illness with a stick and sleep deprivation with cans of V.

Her clothing label came to be when Alice was chosen to feature in a fashion show at the Australian Institute of Design. Her clothing suits the young, fun kids tht like to spend their days out having adventures. Showing skill beyond her peers, she was offered a spot in the show despite it being for more advanced classes.

Alice missed some school due to illness and in that time she taught herself to sew.
“It got to the point where I knew more than the teachers… which is bad… I used to get in trouble because I’d make something at home and they didn’t know what it was and didn’t want to grade it, they were sick of me going ahead of them.”

With a clear vision of her future, it was only natural that Alice left high school in grade 11 to accept a diploma course. Here Alice focused on cotton skirts and general day-wear.
“I try to stick to day-wear; I don’t like to do evening-wear…there’s so much already out there and every young designer comes out with these wacky things but it’s like who’s going to buy that? Who will wear it?”


Alice began selling her designs at markets at the end of 2009. Starting at The Village Markets in Burleigh Heads, Alice quickly realised that it wasn’t the ideal location to sell her style of clothes.
“Gold Coast people want beachy things or laid back…”
As soon as she moved her stalls to Brisbane she tripled her earnings and began to meet some lovely shop keepers and stall holders. But this also meant unglamorous 5am starts to drive up to Brisbane from The Coast (she’s planing a permanent move to Brisbane)

When Alice isn’t designing, sewing or managing the books, she’s organising photo shoots for her collections. Her designs aren’t put into seasons due to her admittedly short attention span. This means that the time frame between the design and final photo shoot can be as short as 2 weeks which Alice feels keeps things fun and fresh.

Alice Nightingale is a label on the rise. Like Alice Nightingale on Facebook to go in the chance to win something cool and check out the awesome designs Alice has made for her Spendour In The Grass stall.

p.s Alice would love to hear from you if you are interested in interning for her or if  you know of any suitable stores to stock Alice Nightingale.


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    Such a talent!

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