We’re very excited about our launch party

Our launch party and exhibition is exactly one week away today!

If you’ve been wondering abut our cool gif on the side of the site talking about a launch party but weren’t sure on the specifics let me fill you in a little…

A few months ago we were offered an amazing opportunity from Bleeding Heart Gallery to hold our launch at their art space in the city. And why would we have a launch party at a gallery and not fill the walls with awesome art?

There were lots of meetings (seriously we could have made a meeting montage) with some crazy ideas thrown around and we eventually settled on an awesome mix of art and entertainment for the party.

Choosing the artists was tough. We had an awesome response from our call for submissions, thank you so much to everyone that entered their works. One morning after coffee and homemade apple pie and honey joys, we made some difficult decisions and chose our 12 artists.

We are proud to announce that the 12 confirmed artists are:

Emma Sheldrake




Jacob Lambert

Shaelah Ariotti



Emily Nelson

Alex Grigg

Beth Mitchell

Laura Brown

Angela Ferro

Anna Oh


Most of these talented individuals are Brisbane based, although Alex Grigg currently resides in Adelaide and Shida seems to be in different cities regularly. Also Emma Sheldrake lives in the Sunshine Coast, but we will still claim her as a Brisbane talent.

For those of you who are keen to find out more about Strutten: whether it’s what we have planned for the site, if there really is a contributor named Narnia, how we use 16 litres of paint and 100 water bombs, if we’re phonies, etc. we urge you to come to Bleeding Heart Gallery at 166 Ann St in the city from 6-10pm on June 17 and find out.

As well as the <3 what we like exhibition that we’ve put together, there will also be giveaways, live music and a little presentation by us Strutten kids.
We invite you all to our launch party, go click attending on our Save the Date and have a drink with us. DID WE MENTION THIS PARTY IS FREE?
Bleeding Heart has a bar and the funds from the drinks you purchase go to a charitable and community enterprise that assists communities and marginalised people.

Keep an eye on our site for more info about our launch party, the artists involved and some of the amazing Brisbane people that are helping us make it an awesome night.

If you haven’t already you should check out our post on Monaux who will be exhibiting in the <3 what we like exhibition.


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  1. Steve Steve says:

    love this drawing!!! How come you didnt design the poster :P

  2. Claire Claire says:

    haha smart ass :p

  3. Thor says:

    cooooooooooooooooool i’m there!

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