Semipermanent is on again at Sydney, (Claire‘s gone down for it, lucky girl!) and it reminds me of one of the most spectacular speakers (I also saw her in the Harper’s Bazaar competition and recognised her work and was pleasantly surprised!) last year, Fine-art photographer & Digital Artist, Alexia Sinclair.

This lady of many talents, divides her work in the fields of Fine Art and Commercial (something I’ve always wanted to be able to do!) but appeals to both gallery walls and the pages of a magazine. She travels the world, researching and documenting for her work, which often feature heroines, historically accurate & detailed environments and cool animal side-kicks!

My favourite piece (maybe because I love history so much?) and also probably her most popular Рtableau photography & digital art, The Regal Twelve.  These 12 images feature historical Queens and leading ladies, which  marry fragments of contemporary concepts of beauty with historical research on the lives of these women. These striking images have won 3 major awards in 2007 and continue to circulate the art, design and commercial scene.

“An unusual blend of Royalty, this series features very few conventional rulers. Instead, The Regal Twelve is a diverse series that celebrates the famous, the infamous and the obscure. Selection was based on their contrasts in leadership, their flamboyancies and their enduring influence upon society. In a time when women generally held little power, these Artemis-like women ruled as both male and female. Promoted in portraiture as having warrior woman-like and goddess-like qualities, each character is transformed through the incorporation of weaponry and armour into a sea of motifs and symbols designed to signify strength. This sense of warrior-woman is a quality that is suggestive of the strength of the modern woman and contemporary notions of beauty. Exploring the complexities of each ruler, The Regal Twelve celebrates historical realities within the guise of contemporary fantasy, a kind of conversation between the past and present.”

Last year, she mentioned that she was working on a male version of the Regal Twelve, the Royal Dozen, which looks like it’s finished and is brilliant!


She’s working on a book at the moment, and has events coming up in 2011, including the Fantasy World at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery in NSW (which I hope I can attend !) so she keeps very busy as she continues to work on her pieces as well as photo touching as a contractor!

Please check out my favourite selections of her lovely pieces, and her video of how her work is created!
If you manage to hear about her speaking at an event, I encourage you to watch! Highly inspiring and entertaining!!!