Strutten says thank you!.


We had a really great time last night, at our we ? what we like exhibition and launch party!
Thank you to the near 300 people who came along!
We wouldn’t have had the amazing night as we did, if it wasn’t for you.

There are a few people we want to give special thanks to, because they’re just so damn great!

Stay tuned for our catch up and summary of the event after we edit all the photos and videos :)

• All the artists in the exhibition: Emma Sheldrake , Jacob Lambert, Shaelah Ariotti, Shida, Xiao, Emily Nelson, Alex Grigg, Beth Mitchell, Laura Brown, Angela Ferro, Anna Oh, Monaux

• Pete & Elle from Bleeding Heart Gallery

• All people gave us stuff for giveaways: Little Jane St, Sunday Social, Ra Ra Superstar, Don’t Tell Fannie (who are also offering a further 10% off to anyone who presents a Strutten Business Card or Strutten About Flyer that was handed out on the night), Next Byte and Met Wednesdays, Publications that advertised us and our event!: mX 15th June 2011 edition, Fourthousand, Brisbane Creative Industries, Finders Keepers blog, Invurt, Concrete Playground Clare Brotherson for all your PR help! •

• Wonderful muscicians: Go Violets, Gung Ho and Hugh ‘dj swag raiders’ Francis •

• Alhambra for PA equipment! •

• The platter boys •

• Our photographers Markus Ravik & Geordie Jay •

• and a special thanks to Kat, if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have a website, videos, photos, tech support, love  •

Transition Hosting for housing us! •

and we’ll leave you with our official launch video!

Image Film | from strutten on Vimeo.


  1. Irene says:

    A fantastic night glad we travelled so far, excellent exibition of art,fantastic crowd, who obviously enjoyed themselves. Keep the feeling and the vision flowing.
    Well done to everyone.

  2. noelle noelle says:

    Aw, thank you so much Irene for the wonderful comments! Glad that you had a wonderful night :)

  3. Geordie says:

    Hey Nel, thanks for the credit. You can find more of my photos at – still in the process of adding the back catalogue. There are some photos from Strutten on there that I didn’t send you guys too.
    Cheers for a good night

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