Seven with Another in Paddington

Team magicians, fashion designers, architects, sculptors, graphic designers, singer/songwriters and make them work in pairs to produce works and what do you get? Seven with Another: SECOND EDITION. For one week only (May 28-June 3) you’re able to see the finished products of 7 partnered creatives who were brought together to make something amazing. This is the second edition of Seven with Another, a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to showing how creative people from different diciplines can work great together.

I’m impressed that they have graffiti artist Sofles and fashion designer Ana Diaz on board for their second edition. The first edition had Emma Shedrake and Steven Rhodes too.

Ana Diaz – fashion designer

Sofles – Graffiti artist

Seven with Another: Second edition is being held at the creative hub Substation 4 at 22 Petrie Tce, Paddington and is open 4-8pm Monday-Friday.

This is what Seven with Another said about the current event:

The creative process can be very insular. No matter whether you’re a fine artist, a designer, a developer or a writer, coming up with – and executing – ideas can be a lonely process involving just you and your imagination.

We believe that great minds really do think alike… no matter how different they are. By inviting seven pairs of creatives from diverse fields to work together, we’re challenging them to look past their vastly different creative processes and skill sets and concentrate instead on what they do best – being creative. The resulting collaborative artworks could be disasterous, or they could be truly mind-blowing, but what they definitely won’t be is boring.

Seven with Another: SECOND EDITION includes:

Sofles (graffiti artist) + Alexander Lotersztain (furniture designer)
Rem Bruijn (copy writer) + Ana Diaz (fashion designer)
Tara Simmons (singer/songwriter) + Jennifer Hillhouse (graphic designer)
Damien Bredberg (photographer) + Petey Majik (magician)
Hana Rajkovic (fine artist) + Tori Garrett (film director)
…Ben Novakovic (programmer) + Daniel Clifford (sculptor)
James Russell (architect) + Colin Renshaw (visual fx)

Your last chance to see the works is this Friday. Shake the work blues and head to Paddington one afternoon this week.


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