Only one more sleep to go you guyths!

Who knew that there was so much to the humble T-Shirt? The one garment that the majority of people on this earth own. Girlfriends steal them from their boyfriends, boyfriends steal them from their girlfriends, you can wear it to bed and then if your feeling particularly lazy, wear the same shirt to work, school, the dentist, brunch – wherever! (hey, we’ve all done it, no judgement). T-Shirts are the perfect icebreaker too, utter the words ‘Cool shirt’ to someone and it’s an instant in and I like to think many friendships have begun over these two words.
I’ve had this one t-shirt for 5 years that is falling to pieces but I still wear it to death, I’m gonna be wearing it on my death bed and I hope to be buried with it too (I’m not joking, sincerely).

T-shirts have earnt such a cult like status that there is a whole magazine dedicated to this obsession. Eddie Zammit is the founder and creative director of T-world, the only global T-Shirt magazine in existence. If you’re heading along to Semi-Permanent in Brisbane tomorrow, don’t miss the chance to see Eddie talk about his love of T-Shirts and how he turned his love into a magazine that people could follow and even collect themselves (like they do with t-shirts, duh).