It’s the final days of the Shape Of Things To Come Exhibition at QUT

For uni students, part of our university experience is being subjected to some of the worst gig, political rally and exhibition posters of all time. I often stop to look and smirk at the awful PhotoShopped dead tree or mispelt poetry someone felt needed to be shared with the world. The Shape Of Things To Come poster caught my eye as the image was tasteful photography (provided by Franchesca Blardony) and a big red “win” stamp! (us QUT kids that visit can enter to win a digital camera) I was sold and wrote down the details. I’m just a bit slow at sharing it with you guys.

Shape Of Things To Come: Close In is a showcase exhibition of QUT graduate students of design and visual arts. The exhibition itself is very diverse featuring works based in Visual Arts, Fashion, Animation, Interactive and Visual Design, Media and Communication, Architectural Studies, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Design. They’ve got everyone from Fourthousand contributer Nick Drewe to fashion designer and photographer Vanessa Flynn to an animated short film by David Blackwell and everything in between.

So if you’re a QUT student go check it out today (Friday 11th of March) from 2pm or tomorrow after 4pm and you can enter to win a Canon IXUS 130IS digital camera! (write down your course code and student number as proof) And everyone else come see what the kids preparing for the “real world” are going to break out with. It’s at The Block (Z3) in the Creative Industries Precinct at the Kelvin Grove campus. Tomorrow is the last day, The Block will close at 7:30pm, hurry kids!

P.S It’s kind of off subject but it’s pretty funny how bad some people are at using PhotoShop, even said professionals. There’s this cool blog PhotoShopped which makes fun of all the bad PhotoShop works out there. The commentary is pretty funny too:

Designer: We don’t have a full shot of Diane Keaton?
Art Director: Don’t worry! She old!
Designer: So I can just make any bizarre body shape and it will be OK?
Art Director: Who care! She old!
Designer: Look! Her head is like 200% too big! And where is her waist?
Art Director: Hello? Are you still working on that?


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