I Used To Skate Once vol 08

On 21st of June, my friends and I visited a now not so little exhibition known as ‘I Used to Skate Once’.

Now a yearly event, I found The Zoo was packed all the way out to Winn Lane which was also open for the night. Submerged in the sk8er boi atmosphere, I immediately regretted my shoe choice (especially after I’d been at the Reboot exhibition at Artisan) and wished I had opted for my favourite Vans.

Anyways, like I said, the mood was set perfectly with the stage transformed into a half-pipe and some decent local bands playing stage left. The skate boards lined the walls, all with such a unique flavour. Here’s some shots of my personal favourites. (Check out the skate board transformer! It’s my fav!) 

Photos by Kat Tp

Here’s a list of the artists that exhibited their work. If I was a better event blogger I would have made note of who did what piece… you live and you learn.

Stuart Hoole 
Kristy Morgan
Holly Leonardson
Jacqueline Hays
Liam Bhats 
Luke Smith 
Bo Stahlman
Carmela Ruffino
Yimmy Yao 
Michael Candy
Steele Evans
Nick Chamers
Amy Longworth
Jack Tarlington
Matt Christensen
Kim Guthrie 
Jessie Olsen 
Holly Riding 
Nanda Ormond
Trent Evans 
Will Brown 
Claudio Kirac
Sam McKenzie
Ben Havenaar
Elana Mullay 
Laura Strange
Hannah Gatland
Stephen Mock
Jay Musk 
Alex Gilies 
Finton Mac Gee
Bad Teeth 
Thom Stuart 
Duncan Mattocks
Kiren McMaster
Emily Devers
Fraser Stanley
Jarryd Lynagh
Sophia Mary Mac
Benjamin Reeve
Loretta Lizzio
Stuart McConaghy
Sarge Jhogenson

A big thanks to the Outpost for organising such a fun event. I may make a point of going again next year. To check out some past boards and see what ‘I Used to Skate Once’ is all about, check out their blog


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