Do you like books Brisbane?

Mark Twain really nailed it when he said that good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. Start the new year off right with adding some more books to your collection from the Lifeline book fair.

I had a first-mate-date there this time last year and it’s pretty good opportunity to have a literary or music wank about what books, magazines or vinyls you’re into.

The bookfest is on this next weekend at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and runs from Saturday 22nd until Saturday the 29th of January.

Heck, even if you don’t like to read books they can serve other purposes. Such as:

* Furniture. Glue enough books together and wa-la! a unique table. You’ve been to archive in West End, right? Practically all their furniture are made from books.

* Getting laid. The right selection of authors on your bookshelf might convince that special someone to share their Moby Dick or The Secret Garden.

* Getting crafty. Choose the books with cool pictures and cut away at them to make collages.

* Hiding treasure. Carve away your book pages and stash weapons, drugs, money or other precious items.

Fore more info check out the Lifeline Brisbane Bookfest site

P.S So the floods have led Lifeline to kick this event back to the 22nd of January -more time to save your coins!


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  1. Nattyo Nattyo says:

    ooooo i was contemplating where to hide my gun.

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