Analogue/Digital is a one day conference where seven creative Australians will share there stories with you. These creatives are Claudio Kirac, Monster Children contributor Vaughan Blakey, Brisbane graffitti artist Sofles and artist turned marketing director Luke Shirlaw, fine artist Simon Degroot, Jeremy Wortsman and Matt O’Brien.

I would be attending this conference if Sydney Semi-Permanent conference wasn’t on the same fricken day.

Analogue/Digital will be held at the BC&C Sunshine Plaza Cinemas on the 13th of May. A general ticket will set you back $100 ($70 for students) and it’s an extra $30 for the after party ticket. The event is sponsored by Three Kings so they will probably booze you up at the after party (don’t quote me on that)

So if you’re still not convinced that this conference is worth the drive, here are some works and videos by the creative people you’ll miss out on meeting if you’re stingy and don’t go.

Claudio Kirac

Design For Humanity – Backstage, Claudio Kirac from Billabong on Vimeo.

Vaughan Blakey


Read the Label. feat Sofles from Selina Miles on Vimeo.

Luke Shirlaw

Simon Degroot

Jeremy Wortsman

Matt O’Brien


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  1. Matthew haynes says:

    Thanks for the support of A/D

    High fives and thumbs up!

    Matt VA

  2. Claire Claire says:

    You’re welcome Matt!

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