194, looking back on a good night

So… I know it was a while back but things have been hectic.

So far Zine launch would probably be rated a success by anyone’s standards.

I rocked up late so I missed Per Purpose but Stag were pretty cool. They remind me a bit of Teenagers in Tokyo (I <3 you Linda Mariano). Sorry I can’t think of any more well known bands to compare them to :p

I liked the way the art was showcased; all packed close together, several images hitting you at once. I’m not a fan of one wall one piece style art galleries, reminds me more of a museum. The artists were mainly brisbanites and consisted of: Georg, Bhats, Andy Harwood, Shida, Memphis, Xiao Deng, Charlie Hillhouse, Bijoux and Anna Oh.

Finally, the zine “So Far” by Miss Dre is a very cute story about her travels far from her adopted home of Seattle :) I think deep down, we all want o have the guts to get up and leave and I think this zine lovingly rubs that in your face. Spoiler alert! There’s a pretty rad brownie recipe at the end.

All in all, So far zine launch at 194 was a jam packed night full of music, art and culture in a perfectly suited venue. If you’re jealous, don’t miss out on the next one!


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    Sweet photos!

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  3. [...] articles I enjoyed were on Xiao and Stag who I both saw at 194 a while back. I love Xiao’s work, so it was great to read about how it all came about. [...]

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