You’re All Drinking Chai!

This morning we had scheduled a Strutten meeting at my house for 10:00am. Seeing I crashed elsewhere last night it looked like I was going to be late to my own home so I called Nell to see where she was at. She told me she was near by grabbing coffee...  Smart move, it’s way too early on a Saturday to do anything without brain fuel. I figure it’s okay, Nat or Clair would be there for sure to let them in. So as I wait for my coffee I dash to the Newsagent to pick up a magazine.

Checking my phone it was now 10:15am, I  had a missed call from Nell and a take away coffee in each hand from my local caffeine supplier, The Lady Marmalade Cafe in Stones Corner. Driving toward my house I see Nell and Sim waiting outside, I’m thinking “Where’s Claire and Nat?

Sim’s like “Mannn they fully just drove off and left us in the hot sun so they could go drink some sweet sweet coffee!” Probably not those exact words… I know he said “Man” for sure..  Anyway my point is COFFEE IS FUCKING THE BEST! And I think it’s safe to say that it’s the driving force behind Strutten! Anyone feel free to correct me if i’m wrong?

Last week we asked a few people about their favorite coffee hangouts in Brisbane.  We may as well have just asked one person cos the answer was the same for everyone… And yeah I totally agree The Three Monkeys is Boss… Especially if your trying to impress a date or out of towner… But there is a hand full more I could recommend (Scroll down to view my list.)

What I learned was that for a lot of people it’s not even about the coffee.. c’mon we all know your ordering Soup Bowls of Chai at The Three Monkeys. I feel you tho, people dig cosyness and a good social atmosphere, a place where you can relax and sort of forget the 100 dot point list you made in the morning… But sometimes you just want that Large double shot Latte in under 2 minutes to take away so you can get back to dot point number 2 on your list… FYI, dot point number 1 was get out of bed.


“Jade and Anna ~ The Three Monkeys”


“Georgia ~ Bleeding Hearts Cafe, Tyson ~ The Three Monkeys”


“Clair and Stacey ~ The Three Monkeys and Denim Co at South Bank”


My Fortitude Valley Coffee List In no particular order.

Fat Boys Cafe on Brunswick Street, The Flamingo Cafe on Winn Lane, Home Ground, (Pretty new, awesome coffee, great place to kick back) 530 Brunswick Street.

My CBD Coffee List, Brew Cafe in Burnette Lane, Aromas Cafe (In the Old Regent Cinema) on Queen Street.

Places to check out Cafe Bouquiniste in New Farm (Thanks Nat) and Tonic Cafe on Hynes Street in the Valley (Thanks Claire).

Feel free to let us know where you think has the best beans in Brisbane..  Also apologies if I misspelled names… something I gotta check from now on.. Let me know!



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    Sorry to Jade and Anna, who I had posing under pseudonym names.. My bad! Thanks Anna for checking us out :)

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