The April mini polaroid diary

I admire people who are able to mark each day with something creative. I come across websites where artists are posting pieces that they create each day and it’s impressive. I’m not game to commit myself to a creative project I must work on daily for a year (err I mean, other than Strutten) so I thought I’d try taking a polaroid for each day in April. This concept isn’t original, type 365 polaroid in google and there are hundreds of people out there promising to take a polaroid for each day of the year. But this didn’t make it any less fun or challenging for me. Scroll down to see what my fujifilm instax mini 7S and I got up to last month.

APRIL 1: No polaroid. I attribute this to a hectic uni on Friday and an even more hectic night at the German Club.

APRIL 2: This is my pal Zoe. We like to eat curry. Yes she is wearing clothes.

APRIL 3: Seedy breakfast at Toowong after a big night. I love the Two Wongs Asian joint in the background.

APRIL 4: Nice creek I walked over on an afternoon walk.

APRIL 5: Zoe accidentally takes a photo while we were enjoying tasty burgers.

APRIL 6: Went and saw the man whose voice could rival Jeff Buckley’s, Mister Matthew Colin.

APRIL 7: Nattyo and Steve have a mice problem at their place. They’re smart mice that eat the bread off the trap and escape unscathed. This is Steve’s DIY mouse trap.

APRIL 8: No polaroid. Remembering to take one each day is tough. Also I think watching one of the worst movies of all time on Friday night didn’t put me in a creative mood.

APRIL 9: Buxom babes hanging at the Woollongabba Antique Centre.

APRIL 10: Spotted Harajuku girl cutie named April in Queen St Mall.

APRIL 11: Steve’s improved mouse trap.

APRIL 12: Aims and I played in the balloon room at GOMA.

APRIL 13: Last-minute polaroid of my bed.

APRIL 14: When Alex Grigg is in town, we drink.

APRIL 15: Brisbane band The Rational Academy play at Browning St Studios in West End.

APRIL 16: Birthday drinks for Chelsea at Archive.

APRIL 17: No Polaroid. No work and all play makes Claire scared.

APRIL 18: A present in the mail from Aimee Cowie.

APRIL 19: Lollies are a justified dinner when you have a lot of assignments to do.

APRIL 20: Burlesque performer Red Devotchkin poses at life drawing for Grace Art Events in West End.

APRIL 21: Nattyo and I stuck in traffic on a road trip to NSW.

APRIL 22: Perfect beach weather.

APRIL 23: My cute Nephew.

APRIL 24: Nattyo and I went horse riding. See that tiny white speck? Yeah that’s a horse.

APRIL 25: We couldn’t resist having Louie and Jezzabel pose for us with our easter eggs.

APRIL 26: Laura from Cera Studios attempting the pensive pose.

APRIL 27: Narnia feeds Nattyo, Steve and I cake.

APRIL 28: A polaroid of a birthday feast at Guzman y Gomez should be here. I clicked away at my camera before realising there was no film. Holding only 10 shots is a major design flaw.

APRIL 29: Tim & Jean play at The Globe.

APRIL 30: more birthday drinks!

I would try this again but the film is on the expensive side of things. Thanks for scrolling!


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  1. Claire Claire says:

    what do you mean by that?

  2. Steve says:

    Epic as in dedication! Lol anyway weren’t you supposed to be doing assignments

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