That suits you to a T

You need big balls to wear a “statement” t-shirt. You will get some unwanted attention and smart ass remarks because to the general onlooker, whatever t-shirt you’re wearing indicates what type of person you are. Some of these criticisms are warranted yes, but on the rare occassion you’ll get the nod of approval and everything else seems relative.

You have the people that buy into fads (beached as & I heart Edward tees), the nerds (Nerds 2² Ever) or the skanks (my face is up here, I …. on the first date) and then there’s rest of us who treasure the worn-in band tee you waited in line for, as if it were a trophy.

I left the house one day wearing my dads Neil Young 1984 tour t-shirt. I walked passed a homeless guy sitting on a park bench in Kelvin Grove. This was a case of unwanted attention.

HOMELESS GUY: *Grunts* ‘You a Neil Young Fan?
ME: Yep.
HOMELESS GUY: What albums ‘ya got?
ME: All of them.
HOMELESS GUY: *Grunts* yeah right..

I mostly get the nod from 50-year-old dudes. But just like eating 5 kilos of salads when you go to Sizzler, the judgement is unavoidable.

So we need to accept our fate and put up with the raised eyebrows or sniggers from strangers. Or else we will become limited to boring, unoriginal clothing that our grandparents or controling asian parents would approve of.

The same day I wore the Neil Young tee I stepped into a cafe. A cute boy smiled at me and said I had a cool shirt. I’m never going to let any homeless man make me regret my tee choice again.

*Main blog tee photo is from unknown tumblr source. Finding the original source on Tumblr can be like finding wearable clothes in Supre: seizure-inducing and a waste of time.


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