That suits you to a T. For the book-lovers.

I’m a firm believer that your choice of t-shirt reflects the type of person you are*. The shirts I’d like to bring your attention to today are for the book lovers. I want to share an online store where you can find a tee suited for everyone out there who secretly liked the assigned readings in class or that have a few penguin classics stuffed away in their book shelves.

Out of Print Clothing have come out with t-shirts with vintage themed, mostly out of print, covers for classic fiction. It is an affordable online store that does it’s part for making the world a happier, well-read place. Out of Print have aligned themselves with Books For Africa and have sworn to donate one book to the organisation for every shirt sold. The shirts are only $28 so stock up people and hit me up before ordering, we can split shipping costs.

That reminds me I have to give Aims back her copy of On The Road.

*If you buy a band shirt from General Pants it doesn’t mean you like the band, it most likely you like how you look in the band shirt. I believe Neil Young or the remaining members of The Ramones would be royally pissed to know you’re wearing their shirt which was bought from a large commercial fashion (not music) chain. Sorry for the rant, I just saw a Neil Young Harvest top in General Pants on Albert St yesterday and I am still raging.


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  1. strutten Nell says:

    OMG! Definitely going to be getting the HUXLEY one!!! I’m hoping they have an [myonetruelove] Orwell shirt !!!!

    Awesome post!

  2. Claire Claire says:

    Yay! I love Orwell but I thought they could do better than just writing “Nineteen Eighty Four”
    I want them to make “Things Fall Apart” it has out of print copies!

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