Lomo fun-tography around brisbane

As my colleagues have demonstrated, instant photos are back in. Now as most of you hipster kids would already know, film is soooo back in :)

Last January, I visited the Lomography store in Tokyo with my sister where we purchased a pop, a colour splash, a fish eye and a holga. This year I’ve been messing around the pop and the colour splash. The point of Lomo’s is that they are pretty doggily made and they are hard to use. These two fantastic things mean that you never know how you’re photos are going to turn out!  I’m still a total novice but it’s always exciting getting my photos developed cos photos you thought would look great totally don’t and ones you thought would be crap look awesome.

So if you’re wondering what to get your artsy hipster friend for X’mas or their birthday, why not order a Lomo?


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