How to get to Bleeding Heart Gallery tonight

If you’re a little bit unsure how to get to our Square One exhibition tonight and are traveling by public transport, here are some tips on how to find the Bleeding Heart Gallery.

(Yes. This is a recycled article from the launch party. Sssshh)

It’s in the city. It’s on Ann St. It’s in the centre of the CBD. But something that makes it initially hard to spot is it’s sandwiched between corporate businesses and hidden behind a couple of trees. It’s also a giant herritage listed building. No ones has their eyes peeled for a giant queenslander when a lot of Brisbanes independent art galleries are not so spaciously blessed.

Because we had so many people ask, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some directions. Train or Bus is by far the easiest way of getting to the gallery. It’s a two minute walk from either King George Square or Central Station.

If you’re catching the train to Central station, exit out onto the corner of Edward and Ann Street.

Walk 245 metres along Ann st and Bleeding Heart will be AT 166 Ann st on your right hand side.

Bleeding Heart is a two story yellow building that looks something like this…

See you all tonight!

p.s Thanks google maps street view for helping me remember what things look like

p.p.s Sorry I didn’t draw a map from King George Sqaure. You need to walk across it to Ann St and cross the road as if you’re facing the city. Walk towards central and you’ll see the gallery on your way there.


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