For some one who is so embedded into the digital world, I was pretty slow in leaping into the whole iPhone scene – but I did it :O!

I never thought I’d buy any apps too…. and most people have already discovered Hipstamatic, but it was pretty new and flash to me. Following in Claire’s footsteps, I decided to go Hipsta-crazy-at-it and take a shot every day! Here’s my… collection for every day for half of May & half of June (31 photos), hangin’ around Brisbane. They may not be that fantastic, but it certainly is fun!

crazy caterpillar fun

cool pattern i found on a book at Mary Ryan’s Milton

walkin’ the streets every day to and fro work

pretty chandelier i found at a furniture store in the valley

groceries. mass produced feeds for the human masses

the toilets at the Mana Bar


i ride the stinkin translink network EVERY DAY for work :( i keep getting charged for not swiping, but i totally do!!!!

lufferly bf took me to sunshine coast for our 2year anni, this was at noosa, at Bistro C that my boss recommended. we had betty blues which were giant coffees. yum!

sim’s feet after a strutten catchup!

i like to go to furniture stores every weekend to pretend im rich and can afford to decorate my house

tiger rawr

yes.. pretending to be rich again

grocery shopping… they sell books :D

i assure you, i dont live a mundane existence, but i do walk home a lot

bf and i have an outside area of our house… we never go outside since it’s so dusty from the road right outside :( this was one of the only times i did

i want to live on a boat

fooooooooooooooooooood, nice seeing grocery stores have scallops in the shell

this is where i am every single night of my life pretty much. im totally addicted. you can see my stash of parmeson cheese and vitamin c

i like old stuff

especially old books

strutten meetup, steve made a heart out of stickers cos he loves us all

waiting at the train station……. why don’t they let you use coin anymore?

i really love old stuff


i like to collect maps and globes of the world so i can mark where i have been to and where i really want to go to (everywhere)

i love circus and carnival art

selbourne’s natural history and antiquities. i love literature and science and history and all sorts.

i caught a boat right outside my house at teneriffe. i thought i was going on a cruise all the way down the river to bulimba…. i chose my seat carefully and settled in for the ride……..  less than a minute later and the ride was over :(


i love it when other people get orwell… or draw it, or reference it, know about it…… even if they’ve just heard about him

the strutten launch party….after everyone’s left and we’re left to clean the mess. luckily there wasn’t much to clean, but what a day to end my hipstamatic once a day… was such a wonderful event!!


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