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So last year in Tokyo, I discovered the wonderful world of NIKEiD’s (Nikes designed by yours truly) I loved the idea cos it reminded me of the olden days whenclothing wasn’t mass produced but measured and made for the individual. For those of us who aren’t gifted enough/can’t be bothered sewing, printing, dying etc., NIKEiD provides an awesome way to express your individuality. And good news for you sneaker lovers, Roppongi is not the only place you can create your own NIKEs. Just go to NIKEiD A word of advice though, give yourself heaps of time. You choose everything from the shape of the shoe (airforce 1′s, dunks, watever) to colour of the laces (which will also be the colour of the stitching) and soles. AND definitely don’t take your whole Asian family who will all put there 2 cents in at every step!

I’m mainly a girly girl but when it comes to foot wear, I’d go sneakers over heels any time! That’s why I love Brisbane for having so many great sneaker stores; Laced, Hype & Combined just to name a few. That reminds me, my friend and his dance crew did a bunch of promo shots for Laced a while back. Shot by soulbridge media, I love how the shots are so full of color that they’re bursting at the seams.


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    should have a ‘post your fav sneakers day’

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