West end’s got style! who knew?

This year I have rediscovered my love of drawing.

And how did this happen? A little birdy told me that Rita Fontaine (now Miss Burlesque Australia) would be posing for a life drawing class in west end! I was so there! And thus I discovered a small group of ladies and gents who shared a passion for drawing vaudeville and nude models.

I love Grace Art Events’ quaint atmosphere and how free form the class is. You go at your own pace and while Liz ‘our teacher’ is happy to give you tips if you need them, the only restraint is how long the model will stay still for you. So whether you’re trying to stop the slow but constant death of your imagination cells through you’re mundane job like me or you’re a creative kid trying to hone you’re skills to become the next Picasso, this class is for you :)

The class is currently on Summer break but it will be starting back up on the 19th of Jan 2011.

The details are as follows but I’ll keep you updated if there are any changes.

At Kurilpa Hall, 174 Boundary Street, West End
class starts at 7pm – 9pm
$15 or $10 for students and pensioners

Here’s a sneak peak of what we get to draw and what I end up drawing – it’s amazing walking round the class and seeing how different people capture the same pose (Photos borrowed from Grace Art Events)


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