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As some of you may have realised, here at Strutten we have a soft-spot for tilt-shift photography turning people miniature. We’ve praised Uniqlo for their uniqlo calendar (that appears on our site on the bottom right) and I was thrilled to discover an amazing film made here in Brisbane  -Little Big Brisbane.

Armed with a Canon 7D, Martin Jacobsen, Anders Goberg and Adam Finney ventured up buildings and balconies to shoot everyday life in South Bank, Kangaroo Point and our CBD. The result is a mesmerising clip that shows off our awesome city and landscapes.

Read an interview on how they made Little Big Brisbane and view the film below!


What inspired the idea to film Little Big Brisbane?

Martin: It was mostly an urge to do a time-lapse experiment, but with a little bit of a different twist to it. We definitely wanted to present Brisbane as we had not seen it before.

The concept of the narrative (however small it is), was mostly born in post production where we discovered that so many places around Brisbane have a very unique rhythm and pulse. There are all these marvelous locations right in front of us every day, but we don’t really look closely on them.

The thing I loved most about this project is that we discovered a lot of new things about the place around us.

Anders: I had seen a lot of awesome time lapse/tilt shift videos from other places around the world and figured it would be a good idea to try and make something as good from Brisbane as I love the place and wanted to portray Brisbane’s normal life in a beautiful way.

What are your current job titles? What were each of your roles in producing the film?

Martin: My current job title is freelance Editor/Colourist, but I am aspiring to be a Writer/Director.

Anders: I am currently freelancing editor and motion graphics artist stationed in Norway. I am planning to come back to Brisbane sometime early next year to hopefully work at a video production house.

Regarding roles in the Little Big Brisbane production we sort of did it all together. We planned everything together, we went out shooting everything together and we edited everything together.

What were the hardest locations to shoot?

Martin: The hardest locations to shoot was where we couldn’t find places to climb up high. Some of the shots are more straight-on. These were the shots that required a little bit of extra work, especially in finding an angle that was exciting.

For the construction work shots we had to move around a bit more and find just that view that would look good for the tilt-shift effect.

Anders: I didn’t think the miniature effect would work if we weren’t filming down from up high, but when we got into post production we realised that it didn’t really matter too much. Basically everyone we asked was really nice and helped us get into buildings and onto balconies.

Have you used tilt shift photography in other projects since Little Big Brisbane?

Martin: I’ve used it in a few shots for a job for the city council, it is a great way to portray scale and pulse in larger places.

Anders: Since I am currently in Norway I have decided to make a similar video of my hometown, it’s a lot harder since there isn’t any skyscrapers and it doesn’t have the pulsing and vibrating life as Brisbane does, but there are a lot of high mountains and landscapes that will make it a beautiful video as well.

Tell us about Medium Wide Shot? What can viewers expect to find on your site?

Martin: We started it as a platform for us to gather and put up all the different projects that we do. It holds a variety of short films, music videos, experiments and photos/articles about us and the industry around us.

Anders: MediumWideShot was a website we created to be able to upload our productions, small clips and experiments. On the site viewers will be able to find short films, music videos, short stories, animations, show-reels, articles etc. It’s very handy to have all your projects together in one place.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers? 

Martin: Check out our newest music video for the Norwegian/Chinese rap artist Xiao Ou here

Anders: Other than that you should look forward to more zero budget productions from us in the future.


Here is the amazing Little Big Brisbane film…

 (Best viewed in HD)

Little Big Brisbane from Anders Goberg on Vimeo.

Follow Martin, Anders and Adam’s projects and ideas at Medium Wide Shot


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