Foxy Bean – Brisbane’s southside never looked so good

Foxy Bean cafe

One recent morning, Steve took Kat and I out to Kangaroo Point park to do some intense exercise. (Light for him, intense for me) The whole health kick took a turn for the worse when I started dry retching half-way through as I had not had any breakfast. So on the way home, Steve rewarded us by stopping by a quaint little café called the Foxy Bean.

For those of you who live on the North side and hence rarely find themselves in the southern ‘burbs of Brisbane, I strongly compel you to explore! Since moving to Woolloongabba I have discovered a multitude of interesting shops, cafés and restaurants. Foxy Bean is of course my most recent discovery.

Foxy Bean was eye-catching enough from the outside but was even more fascinating inside. Though it has an overall minimalistic feel, there are a few ornaments that set a funky vintage feel. Some were sourced from Restoration Station in Ashgrove while the fox shaped brass knocker which I adored at first site actually came from the owner’s home town in Ireland. When you finally stop gazing around at all the furniture, ornaments and the beautiful mural created by a local artist Gary Martin and look down, you discover perhaps the most intriguing element of the café, the floor. At your feet you will find coffee beans and gold specs trapped in a plastic resin, an original idea from the owner.

I only had a drink that day but they have an extensive food menu as well as a selection of sweets.

I won’t spoil all the surprises and I’ll leave you with some photos Kat took of the place.

Special thanks to Pat, Foxy Bean manager, for answering all my annoying questions and letting us leave Strutten postcards :) Pat said that he and the owners opened the café with the intention of providing a non-pretentious place to have a coffee and grab a bite and I’d say their doing a pretty good job. Pat also gave me the inside scoop that they’ll be opening a bar and live lounge next door hopefully early next year! So watch this space!

p.s. The address is 896 Stanley St East, Woolloongabba

Foxy Bean cafe

Foxy Bean cafe - art

Foxy Bean cafe

Foxy Bean cafe - sit up the back

Foxy Bean cafe - coffeeeeeeFoxy Bean cafe - munch munch

Foxy Bean cafe - fox

Foxy Bean cafe - unattended childrenFoxy Bean cafe - fooood

Foxy Bean cafe - Coffee beans in the floor


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  1. Kat kat says:

    Great blog post Nat!!!!

  2. Thor says:

    cool Nat! Noelle will be a child for a few hours just to get a puppy :-D
    nice pics!

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