We ♥ Laura Brown

Two weeks back, we were featuring some of the artists that we had on show at our we ♥ what we like exhibition at
Bleeding Heart Gallery .

This is an updated article on the talented Laura Brown.

As Laura hurried in to meet me at Cosmos cafe in the Valley, the first thing that hit me was how young yet professional she was. She apologetically explained how she was having some trouble getting her work framed for our exhibition.

Laura Brown is a young artist hailing from South Africa. She lived there until she was thirteen years old and initially hated Brisbane when she first arrived. Now Laura eagerly takes from Brisbane’s smorgasbord of artistic talents and opportunities.

Laura currently studies at QCA, volunteers at the Institute of Modern Art, Nine Lives and Ryan Renshaw galleries and rubs shoulders and assists with fellow Brisbane creatives such as fashion designer Emily McGuire and photographer Patrick Self. Laura is a collector of various British magazines and outdated art and psychology books with ironic titles such as ‘The Atlas of the Universe’ and ‘The Concise History of Painting’.

Laura describes her work as an intricate, bizarre mind field and “mind vomit” of sorts. Each work takes her over 10 hours to complete.

“In my mind I feel like I’ve done so much then I’ll put it away, then come back and I’ll be like, what!?”

It’s a long process but It’s something Laura enjoys and she likes to add things to her work that take a while to appear, such as the silhouette of a hand. She admits that she doesn’t want to be restricted to a set style with her art. Laura wants her work to evolve and is open to new processes. She is looking to explore more figurative art and illustration.

At the time of our interview, Laura told me how excited she was to start her internship at Gertrude Contemporary studio is Melbourne.

“I think a lot of people compare Brisbane to somewhere like Melbourne or Sydney, everyone has this idea about Melbourne- that it’s super arty and cool. I think when you look at Brisbane per capita, the amount of coolness to people is at least equal if not better; and we’re growing so much.”

Artists that inspire Laura include Yayoi Kyasama, Richard Price, Peter Madden and Frank Stella. Works from Travess Smalley inspire her as he creates works that need to be absorbed over a long period of time so that the viewer can take in all of the details within the work. Most of her friends are creative and her time is spent around the art industry. Laura is currently planning a group art show that she will be curating and contributing to. Best of luck Laura!


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