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This week, we’re featuring some of the artists that we have on show at our we ♥ what we like exhibition at
Bleeding Heart Gallery (TONIGHT Friday 17th June, 6pm!).

Introducing Angela Ferro.

Angela is a full-time photographer, juggling her personal photography work, freelance, wedding photography and jobs assigned to her through Mirror Mirror Agencies.

I asked Angela to send my a self portrait (above) because my efforts to photograph a photographer were down right embarassing.

So not only is this girl a stunner, she’s also a driven photographer and film maker. Angela admits she needs a push to do the business side of things but her passion for photography keeps her up all hours of the night editing the photos she has taken merely hours beforehand.

Angela is only twenty years old and is self-taught besides a high school photography class and the odd internet tutorial. She chose to leave uni to work on photography full-time and hasn’t looked back. She won a Honey Birdette film competition, directing Elle Tourmente, which you can view below.
VIEWERS WARNING: It’s a tad raunchy given it’s for a lingerie store, but you see more ass on ‘Rage’ in the mornings so take a look.

Like Strutten, Angela believes that Brisbane is on the rise with more places for creative people to explore. The gallery of Modern Art is one of her favourite places in Brisbane and she feels that West End is a great Hub.

Photography is Angela’s main passion, with a lot of planned film projects being developed on the side. Angela did a fashion shoot of the Alice Nightingale clothing range at Kerbside, which I will feature next week with an interview with the lovely designer of the label. Angela prefers that her own photo shoots be sporadic and unplanned, which leads to amazing pieces you can see below.

Her photography will be showcased tonight as part of our ‘we love what we like’ exhibition and more is coming for Angela with another exhibition at a new gallery opening in Paddington (name to be announced).
Angela wanted you to know that she’s working on a new website! Come meet her tonight at our launch party at
Bleeding Heart Gallery from 6-10pm.


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