Twelve Days of Christmas

If your idea of Christmas is thousands of people running around frantically with wallets in hand… Then YES! As Bing Crosby put it,  it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! If your idea of Christmas is perhaps something a little more festive, then I advise you head over toward King George Square.

Surrounding the ever so epic Christmas tree, you may notice some slightly less epic (but still pretty big) numbers.  As an initiative supported by the Brisbane City Council, the numbers represent a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The Artist’s Dozen project headed by Tian Zhang, provides young and emerging Brisbane artists with an opportunity to show off their talents in a very big way. Each piece is first carefully designed and then in correspondence to the Christmas Carol, constructed on the day in King George Square.


  1. Elysha Gould – A Partridge in a Pear Tree (Monday, 13 December)
  2. Charmaine Malgapo – Two Turtle Doves (Tuesday, 14 December)
  3. Kate Palella – Three French Hens (Wednesday, 15 December)
  4. Alicia Peet – Four Calling Birds (Thursday, 16 December)
  5. Arran McNamara – Five Golden Rings (Friday, 17 December)
  6. Patrick Hayes – Six Geese A-Laying (Saturday, 18 December)
  7. Tess Maunder – Seven Swans A-Swimming (Sunday, 19 December)
  8. Kimberley Lysons – Eight Maids A-Milking (Monday, 20 December)
  9. Kimberley Bianca Warren – Nine Ladies Dancing (Tuesday, 21 December)
  10. Steven Smith – Ten Lords A-Leaping (Wednesday, 22 December)
  11. Mike Willmett – Eleven Pipers Piping (Thursday, 23 December)
  12. Alexandra Winters – Twelve Drummers Drumming (Friday, 24 December)


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  1. Nattyo Nattyo says:

    Good work on failing to mention that Ten Lords A-leaping is created by YOU MR STEVE!!! This is sooo exciting! What time does it go up and how long do they stay up for??

  2. Kat says:

    Yeah awesome! Love it! Can’t wait to see yours!

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