Thom Stuart :: Backgrounds


We’re a big fan of Thom Stuarts work here at Strutten and we had the pleasure of gaining a little bit of insight into Thom and his work in anticipation of his solo show at Love Love Studio which opens tonight.



Where are you based?

Spring Hill (BC)

Whats your daytime job?

Graphic Design

Where can we see your work on the internets?

You can stalk for recent goings on

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

poet/food blogger

Who or what inspires you?

Just a bunch of painters really (young and old), so many good people getting focused and making interesting works, makes you want to push to get better and try and get up to par

Do you have a typical process for your creations?

For this particular show it has involved lots of layering. Building up sections over a number of days or weeks and if it doesn’t work, paint over it and add more layers.

What exciting new things do you have coming up?

I’m trying to make 2012 the year of collaboration. Hopefully painting some big walls and lots of drawings for a new textile based project I’m working on with a special somebody.

 Backgrounds opens tonight at Love Love Studios from 6pm and runs until 5th of February

Images by Tess Michelmore via