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Illustration by Nathaniel Eckstrom


I’ve been working full time for almost 6 months now. Gone are the days of living on two-minute noodles for the majority of the week. So are the days of looking under my bed, between the couch cushions and jeans pockets for extra money I forgot about. But old university-student habits die hard, and I can’t walk past a freebie – especially if it’s free art.

The good people from The Drawing Book Studios run Perspective, an online exhibition. Featuring 33 illustrators from The Drawing Book Studios, the current exhibit explores each illustrator’s interpretations of Power. Each illustrator has their distinct style, which you could possibly have hanging up in your own room.

Illustration by Cristina Guitian

Pick your favourite illustration from the online gallery here, and there’s a link on the bottom of each page which you can click on to email your story about why you like the artwork. And The Drawing Book Studios will send you a free A4 print of that artwork provided that:

a) you’re one of the first 1000 people to email them
b) you didn’t email them 15 times with 15 different stories about why you like all 15 of the artworks you chose. Actually, you can only choose one, so only email them once.

There are still 963 prints remaining at this moment – Monday 22 August 2011, 22:23:44 (24 hour time), but you never know: 963 people may all suddenly feel an uncontrollable urge to email The Drawing Book Studios with their story to get their free print, and then who’s the chump who has to BUY their art?

Illustration by Johan Potma


Note: I do realise there is a heavy emphasis on the “free” part of this post, but it’s only because I was a too-poor-to-buy-real-coffee uni student for such a long time. There are some really amazing illustrations in this collection. 


Images taken from The Drawing Book Studios Perspective Online Gallery


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    wow i really like nathaniel eckstrom’s one! so doing this!

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