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Meet Max, one of the artists for our Square One exhibition opening on 2nd of March.

Max takes photos to document his life. His photos seem to resonate a nostalgic beauty, maybe because they’re of something you’ve seen before or remind you of a good time you’ve had. Whatever it is, it got me interested about the mysterious man behind the lens. So here’s the insight I got through my interview with him.

Where did you grow up?

Born in Brisbane, but was back and forth from the Sunshine Coast whenever I didn’t have school. During University, at QCA (Queensland College of Art), I spent a lot of time on the Gold Coast to surf and hang out with mates.

Is being a photographer your full time gig or do you do something else to make rent?

Recently I have just started working for the band The Amity Affliction as their photographer so I’m making a few bucks from that. But usually I’m just working at a bar [at night] and surfing or shooting during the day. Working in a bar at night is great as I have everyday free to do as I please. It’s epic.

Were you always ‘the arty type’?
I guess you could label me as ‘the arty type’… I just enjoy a lot of things, most of them are focused around ‘arty things’ like photography, surfing, skateboarding etc. much better then getting a ‘big boy job’ in an office, 9-5 everyday, hahah.

I’ve always had a keen eye for photography ever since my dad gave me my first camera when I was a grommet, it was a Pentax k1000, the tank for analogue cameras. I won a photography competition back in high school and thought, yeah what the hell I’ll keep giving this a crack and maybe one day I can make some money.

Who was the first person to tell you your photos were good?
My art teacher at high school, Sandy Elliot, was always very supportive and helped me a lot during school. She would let me hang out in the dark room at school for hours and never would hassle me. I was so stoked.  

When did you start ‘being’ an artist? (What was your square one?)

I don’t know really,…. it’s not that I don’t know the exact moment but it’s more that I don’t really know if I like the term “artist”…being an artist really puts you in a box and sets you up to be judged and ridiculed by others., I just shoot what I like and am happy to be able to document my life as I go along. One day my kids will see how their old man used to live….back in the 00′s hahaha.
What do you wish you knew at your ‘square one’? (What wisdom would you pass on to that young doe-eyed self?)
When shooting people in the street don’t worry if they will get angry and yell at you, just take the photo and RUN! 
Where/how/from whom do you seek inspiration?
I like to keep an eye on my mates’ work, whether it be photography, music or design. Lots of blogs…
Music is a huge element…I like to listen to all genres…depends on my mind frame. Could be rap, could be  metal or jazz.
Why do you take photos?
What’s your favourite subject to photograph?
Live music is my focus currently with The Amity Affliction but generally I love shooting my mates and the stuff we get up to. Traveling around America last year was awesome, I got lots of good shots during the few months I was there.  Lots of interesting subjects and places to capture on film.
What’s the most recent project you worked on?
I entered the Monster children photo competition last year  and got 3rd spot in the ‘girls’ section which I was stoked about. Got published in the mag. It was wild.
What’s on the horizon?

This year I have a few tours with Amity and maybe a couple of others crazy things….. hush hush.

So there we have it, Natty-o taking 5 with Maximillian Tynan, artist documentarian?

Check out his work on his tumblr, or better yet, see it in real life at the exhibition this Friday :)


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